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Job TitleDivisionJob CodeLocationRequisition RegionDate
Dental AssistantMel Trotter MinistriesDentalAsstMel Trotter Ministries 02/05/2020
Dental HygienistMel Trotter MinistriesDentHygenMel Trotter Ministries 09/02/2020
LPN/RN - Per DiemMel Trotter MinistriesLPN_NURSEMel Trotter Ministries 06/18/2019
Mens Guest Safety Services SecurityMel Trotter MinistriesMENSGSSMel Trotter Ministries 06/18/2019
Payroll & Benefits AdministratorMel Trotter MinistriesHRPBMel Trotter Ministries 10/29/2020
RN for Profoundly Intoxicated ShelterMel Trotter MinistriesPIClinicMel Trotter Ministries 11/29/2019
Women's Guest Safety Services SecurityMel Trotter MinistriesWOMANSGSSMel Trotter Ministries 06/20/2019