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Job TitleDivisionJob CodeLocationRequisition RegionDate
Advancement AssistantMel Trotter MinistriesADV AssistMel Trotter Ministries 08/25/2021
AmeriCorps: MI Coalition Against HomelessnessMel Trotter MinistriesAMERICORPSMel Trotter Ministries 08/04/2021
Diversion SpecialistMel Trotter MinistriesDIVERSIONMel Trotter Ministries 08/27/2021
Facilities StaffMel Trotter MinistriesFACstaffMel Trotter Ministries 07/15/2021
Kitchen StaffMel Trotter Ministries40 CookMel Trotter Ministries 06/09/2021
LPN/RN - Per DiemMel Trotter MinistriesLPN_NURSEMel Trotter Ministries 01/01/2021
Medical AssistantMel Trotter MinistriesMed.AsstMel Trotter Ministries 05/09/2021
Men's Intake SpecialistMel Trotter MinistriesMENSIntakeMel Trotter Ministries 06/18/2019
Mission Nurse (RN or LPN)Mel Trotter MinistriesPIClinicMel Trotter Ministries 01/01/2021
Women's Intake SpecialistMel Trotter MinistriesWOMANIntakMel Trotter Ministries 06/20/2019