Division Mel Trotter Ministries
Location Mel Trotter Ministries
Employment Type Part Time Employee
Date Posted 1/1/2021
Job Code DEN
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Job Details

Summary of the Role

The Dentist will diagnose and treat diseases of the mouth such as gum disease and tooth decay. The dentist will provide guidance and oversight to the dental assistant and hygienist, as well as establish and maintain patient dental records. Hours of service will be flexible.


Mel Trotter Ministries Staff Attributes

We expect all staff to project and exemplify a passion for a faith-based approach to advocacy for the guests, to be humble, supportive team players, who acknowledge their gifts and those of others, are truthfully transparent, seek input from others, admit and learn from mistakes, are highly coachable and approachable. We expect a hungry, innovative, goal-oriented, eager contributor, who shows a dedicated work ethic. We expect our staff to exhibit empathy, compassion, active listening, to be self-aware, sensitive across racial, class, and cultural lines, ethics, and approachability. We look for work habits of punctuality, dependability, accountability, responsibility, cooperation, team participation, integrity, problem-solving, and overall positivity.


These attributes, combined with the performance of one’s duties and achievement of goals will be equated with the quality of one’s overall job performance. Please refer to them often and feel free to ask for feedback on these areas regularly.

Job Plan

·       Performs all aspects of dentistry to include: preventive services to include fillings, basic extractions, and dentures/partials

·       Performs all procedures by OSHA Standards

·       Oversees Dental Assistant / Hygienist

·       Establishes patients of record for treatment at MTM Dental Clinic

·       Creates Patient Treatment Plans, provides patient exams and x-rays

·       Responsible for discharging patients following treatment and evaluation

·       Provides accurate and thorough documentation of patient treatment using Scan-X Tooth Charting System

·       Communicates clear and precise orders for treatment and follow-up care to MTM dental clinic staff

·       Ability to collaborate with the educational experience of students participating in area Dental and Hygiene programs.

·       Lead the Dental Clinic team in quality improvement initiatives



·       Licensed as a Dentist in the State of Michigan (in good standing)

·       Provide proof of current malpractice insurance

·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·       Models professionalism, compassion, and flexibility

·       Prefer minimum 3 years of experience



Working Conditions

·       Regular standing, walking, climbing, crouching, bending, pushing, or pulling

·       Understand, speak, read, and write fluent English

·       Ability to communicate verbally and to accurately hear, with hearing correction

·       Ability to see 20/20, with vision correction

·       Able to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally, and up to 35 pounds regularly

·       Able to use fine motor hand functions

·       Frequently exposed to varying temperatures from below 32 degrees to above 80 degrees